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Counselling Services

How counselling can help you

At the core of our being, both nature and nurture play pivotal roles in shaping us into who we are. The threads of experiences and beliefs acquired during childhood and carried through to adulthood often solidify into an unconscious framework, guiding our interactions and perceptions in life - a phenomenon commonly referred to as our life script.

Engaging in therapy provides a unique opportunity to delve into these subconscious thought patterns. By examining the ways we have learned to relate to others, ourselves, and the world since our earliest years, we gain insights into whether these ingrained behaviours still serve our best interests today. Bringing these hidden patterns to light empowers us to navigate our lives more consciously end effectively, paving the way for personal growth and development.


How I can help

As a compassionate counsellor, I've had the privilege of serving diverse clients facing a myriad of challenges within the NHS setting. From navigating anxiety and depression to addressing relationship complexities, struggles with confidence and self-esteem, disordered eating patterns, grief, abuse, and stress, I've assisted individuals at various stages of life in their journey towards healing and growth.

My experience extends to supporting young adults in educational environments and collaborating within an exceptional counselling team in a charitable organization dedicated to aiding those impacted by eating disorders. Throughout my career, I've remained committed to providing empathetic and effective guidance to individuals seeking support during life's most challenging moments.


My qualifications

  • CPCAB Counselling Skills - Certificate Level 2

  • CPCAB Counselling Studies - Certificate Level 3

  • CPCAB Therapeutic Counselling - Diploma Level 4

  • 5 years experience, Registered Member of the BACP, Professional Insurance



£50 per session​

Free initial 1/2 hour telephone session

Reduced fees available for students and people on low income

Weekly/fortnightly appointments available

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Get in touch

Contact info

Tel:+44 7584 920752


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